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M101 the Pinwheel galaxyMarkarian's ChainM81 and M82 Bode's galaxy and Cigar galaxy widefieldM106 Spiral galaxy in Canes VenaticiMelotte 15 in the Heart nebulaNGC 2174, the Monkey Head nebulaM33 the Triangulum galaxyIC 1871 the Soul nebula (Hubble palette)IC 63 the Ghost of CassiopeiaIC 1871 the Soul nebulaM33 the Triangulum galaxyNGC 281 the Pac Man nebulaM31, M32 and M110 the Andromeda galaxyM42 the Orion nebulaM31, M32 and M110 the Andromeda galaxyIC5067M106M81 Bode's galaxyM82 the Cigar galaxythe Rosette nebula

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Nice photos. How much does the equiptment cost to achieve these kind of views of space. Do you have to take these photos by time lapse.
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